Blogging. (SP 12)

I never imagined having the opportunity of taking a blogging course in university. Blogging seems like an illegitimate way to spread information due to the reputation of the internet, although it is a quick and efficient way to spread news and connect with people. Every is able to share their own opinions more truthfully, as they are not intimidated over the internet. 

Over this past semester, I have been informed of many interesting and important news stories and issues. If students spent more time on blogging sites, they would learn more and express themselves better than on social media networks. 

I am so glad to have been able to take this course. 

2 comments on “Blogging. (SP 12)

  1. arogss says:

    I agree with you, this course has taught me a lot of things that are really helpful in both life and other courses. I’m also happy to have taken it.

  2. I agree. I get so much more out of blogging and reading other bloggers than time spent on Facebook, etc.

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