Technological Insecurity (Link 11)

Technological Insecurity (Link 11)

Technology is developing rapidly, but not everyone has equal access to it. Job requirements today include the basic knowledge of computer use, and other forms of developing technologies. How can you get a job or expand your opportunities, if you can’t send text?

One comment on “Technological Insecurity (Link 11)

  1. martaswitzer says:

    We embrace technology including the internet and social media today because of it’s incredible ability to reach out to so many people at such a fast pace. As a global society, such technology has helped us come together. But this idea of “technological insecurity” came to mind during Matt Blackett’s discussion with us when he was talking about his blog as well as about the city’s controls over posters. I was thinking that media in general, whether electronic or print, only caters to those who can access it. Media must be purchased and therefore there is an affordability constraint on who the media reaches out to, especially when technology is involved since it is so pricey. As well, media only reaches out to those who are literate. Matt Blackett’s magazine and blog only reach out to those who can read and afford to purchase his magazine or use internet. The presentation of his work may lead to a greater audience than Laurie Monsebraaten’s articles, for example, but it is still a limited crowd. When considering that Laurie Monsebraaten writes about social justice issues with a focus on the underprivileged, yet her work may be inaccessible to some or many who she is advocating for.

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