So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, good[bye] (Blog 12)

So my fellow bloggers, our journey has ended. Don’t mind the Sound of Music inspired title. 
 Urban social justice, public space, and food insecurity are all faced with one similar issue: money. No matter what we discussed, money always seemed to be a problem or challenge against these topics. For social justice, socio-economic issues arose as a problem; with public space, we learned that not all public spaces were free. Food insecurity is self-explanatory. As a conclusion, everyone should be treated equally.
 Blogging itself was challenging sometimes. Answering the questions, and trying to draw inspirations for a good topic were difficult, but I learned something much more important. Everyone has different opinions and ideas. It was awesome to see how all the ideas had similarities and differences.
What I learned…
1)   Many news posts are repetitive, annoying, and not very important (eg. Justin Bieber’s daily life schedule… I really don’t care if he is or isn’t dating Selena)
2)   Even though we have the freedom of expression, some things should not be said. 
3)   Technology is evil. Make sure to save a copy of your blog because it might decide to not appear.
4)   “Skimming through articles” makes your life very difficult.
5)   Reading articles off a computer screen is not the best idea.
6)   Actually doing homework on the computer is not always the best idea. Facebook is distracting.
7)   Some people take out their birds for walks. I will honestly never forget this.
8)   Kensington market has a really good pizza place.
9)   Blogging is a great way to inform people of different issues in a non-boring and creative way.
10)  And lastly, I learned Tumblr is not the only type of blog.
1)   Favourite Blog Post I Wrote:
My Coldplay concert one. I like the picture, and it brought back some awesome memories.
2)   Most Challenging Blog Post:
I feel like I need to be “in a writing mood” to write decently, and sometimes I had to just go for it. Many of them were challenging. I feel commenting on blogs was more challenging.
3)   Favourite Blog That a Classmate Wrote
I cannot choose. All of them were super interesting and well written. It was great to read everyone’s secondary blog posts, and links!
Even though I cannot guarantee it, I hope to continue my blog. I hope to promote our topics to other students so they can also be informed of the different issues facing social justice, public space, and food insecurity.
So I hope to see your posts every once in a while on my reader, and good luck with your studies!

One comment on “So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, good[bye] (Blog 12)

  1. Blogging the Just City says:

    Thanks Ada – I’m looking forward to following your blog posts even after the term ends!

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