Article Summary- Group 2

The article, Supermarket Expansion and the Informal Food Economy in Southern African Cities: Implications for Urban Food Security deals with the lack of access to food in Southern Africa. It examines the policy interventions regarding food from  informal food sources and the expansion of supermarkets. However, the article suggested that supermarket expansion has little to no impact on the urban informal economy.  The poor urban households get food through social networks, grants and relatives from out of the city. Geographical access to food also contributes to food insecurity alongside with income.  In addition, the major source of food belongs to a handful of companies such as Shoprite and Massmart, which is problematic because small farmers cannot compete and most live on social grants.

–       Food insecurity occurs worldwide

–       Low-income families are mostly affected by this issue

–       South Africa has an informal market vs. here- we rely on a supermarket system to attain our food needs

–       South African people rely on families to provide them with food vs. here-more self sustaining food income

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