Guest Blogger! (SP 9)

This week my lovely friend Katrina wrote a blog post. Check it out!



It was a cold morning in London, as the city began with a new day. Blue collar workers rose with the sun to set off on yet another day of hard work. Families sat down to breakfast, children ran off to school. Sounds regular, right? Right. However, in a mysterious place known as Buckingham Palace, the Queen rose for the day as well. She probably had some tea and biscuits before being told her tasks for the upcoming hours. She accepted her duties with one request: to sign a charter that will fight discrimination in every sense.

The charter is meant to defend against discrimination brought on by gender, race, religion, sexuality, and whatever else people throw around opinions of what’s “right and wrong.” Generally speaking, this charter is meant to help make the world a little bit more or a cheerful place to live in. And although it is out of character for Queen Liz to make such a bold move, she is going through with it. Some suggest that it is a tactic to show that she is accepting of change in the strictly traditional ways of the monarchy and commonwealth. Whether it is or isn’t a way of appeasing those who question the willingness of monarchy to change with the times, no one will know.  What matters is that something is being done. Instead of talk about how awful hate crimes are, about how terrible it is that the various types of discrimination are occurring all over the globe, steps are actually being taken to do something about it. So many people are all about ideas without follow-through, but hopefully the signing of this charter sets some sort of action in motion; an action that inspires acceptance of others, appreciation of differences, and drive to make everyone feel safe enough to express themselves and their beliefs.

The world is a tough place. With all the economical struggles, wars, environmental concerns, everyday stresses… there is quite the list of things to handle. Having to worry about discrimination knocking on (or rather, knocking down) your door should not be one of them. And here’s hoping the charter makes that more of a reality.

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