Haute Dogs (Link 8)

Haute Dogs

The first link is Dalton McGuinty encouraging his fellow Ontarians to purchase locally grown food. The following link amuses me. Frank is a pretty clever man. When walking to Kensington market, we walked by a place called Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs (yes, take a moment to let that sink in). As funny as the idea sounds, it’s actually a great idea. The majority of people like hot dogs, so, instead of having a regular hot dog stand on the street, and having to deal with cold temperatures and intense competition, this man opened his own fast food place. He even has his own apparel!

People turn food into money with a snap of their fingers. Food shouldn’t be about pure money making, it should be about food. It’s great that he’s successful, but what’s this doing to the image of food?


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