Public Sex (Blog 6)

“Nostalgia notwithstanding, history illustrates that public space is, and has been, the site where conflicts of morality and social values have often been launched” (Malone, 2002, 160).  It’s true. Being open to a variety of different cultures, personalities, and activities, there is bound to be some type of conflict within a public space. Although when reading this week’s article, I never pictured this kind of conflict.

Being in the nude. It’s a strange concept to the majority of people, as we are taught to always be clothed. But who says the minority can’t go nude if they want to?

It is quite hypocritical to me that authorities will not allow regular people to walk in the nude in a designated area, but for certain female artists to go up on stage, almost in the nude, and “flaunt what they’ve got.” I mean honestly, I’m not trying to hate on any female performers, but sometimes they take it to a new level. Nude places are generally regulated and they are specific designated areas. If a parent does not want their child to see anything, they can refrain from entering that area. Parents will not allow that, and yes I understand I wouldn’t either, but then they take their children to a Lady Gaga or Britney Spears concert…

Although from each article, Malone’s argument really stuck with me. “Youth have different cultural values, understandings and needs- differences that should be supported and valued as significant contributions to the social capital of cities and towns” (Malone, 2002, 157).  Not all children have the ability to pursue their life goals and dreams in the conditions they live in. If the city governments provided these children with more YMCA-type of social places, these unfortunate children would have a positive influence of the people that work there and volunteer. With the present day split in social class and economic struggle, children and teens cannot always afford to attend certain events and places. This refrain from extracurricular activities can take away opportunities for youth.

Going back to the nudity. America is much more conservative than Europe. Both of my parents grew up in Europe and I have been there numerous amount of times, so I can compare. In Europe, people are classy and conservative in some aspects, but very open to others. As seen in Hubbard’s article, European cities have had “naked protests to demonstrate the sexualization of public spaces” (Hubbard, 2012, 104). Europe is conservative to sexual orientation because of religious aspects and history, but it’s not America that has nude beaches.

Overall, I think that public sexualization depends on the people in a particular area.


Malone, K. 2002. Street life: youth, culture and competing uses of public space. Environment

  and Urbanization, 21, 89-107

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