Quote (SP 3)

“When aesthetically inclined people with money choose to look and act, live and talk just like poor artists, the poor artists cannot win, because the rules of the game have changed. Indeed, the game is over; there is no game.”
-Mark Kingwell

Kingwell writes in this quote exactly what I struggled to state in last week’s post. These creatively inclined individuals socially labeled as “hipsters”, are not choosing to promote their lifestyle. In fact, their lives are still horrible and rather than improving, they have become worse, due to the ongoing increase of property value in their neighbourhoods. It’s quite amusing that the “fashion-forward” teens of present day society pay hundreds of dollars to look like the financially struggling artists who shop at thrift stores. All of this makes me wonder how our society works.

Kingwell, M. 208. Toronto: Justice Denied. The Walrus, February, Online.

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