The Cost of Clothing (Link 3)

The Cost of Clothing- Link of Week 3

I find this article quite interesting, as it hits a familiar topic of discussion from a different angle. Is it possible that the new “hipster” fashion trends are popular because they are most affordable? With the rapidly increasing prices of clothing, how are middle class and low-income families to afford these prices?

2 comments on “The Cost of Clothing (Link 3)

  1. Blogging the Just City says:

    A major element of social injustice in the clothing industry relates to conditions of production. This article might help to further expand your ideas around clothing consumption and production –

  2. emmakikulis says:

    This particular article had me thinking of the time I visited the Textile Museum of Canada not to long ago– in particular, an exhibition dedicated to textile reuse. Included in the exhibit were various pieces of ancient clothing and textiles which, when grown out of or worn-out, had been fashioned into durable blankets or thick shawls. I guess what I’m trying to get at in mentioning this, is that maybe people today– your so called “hipsters”, are becoming increasingly more aware of the need for less. Is it possible that the allure and appeal of wearing designer labels on our backs and feet is lessening? Or becoming devalued in lieu of buying second hand or thrifting? Maybe consumers are finally realizing the social, economic and political benefits of reuse, and as a result, the textile industry is wavering. In my opinion the rise in the price of textile manufacturing and production is a small price to pay for the benefit of awareness and practice of thrifting and reuse.

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