Social Justice Films (SP 1)

Social Justice Movies

Films I Have Seen:

  1. Hotel Rwanda – Genocide within Rwanda; racial discrimination
  2. Philadelphia– Homophobia and AIDS; sexual orientation discrimination
  3. Mulan– Sex/Gender and Nationality; gender discrimination
  4. Schindler’s List– Genocide, and the Holocaust; religious and racial discrimination
  5. To Kill A Mockingbird– Race and Justice system; racial discrimination
  • Racial discrimination seems to be a key theme in many social justice movies.

Films I Have Yet to See

  1. A Long Walk Home– Fight for Human Rights; racial discrimination
  2. The Pianist– Holocaust and Genocide; racial and religious discrimination
  3. Precious– Weight and race issues; racial discrimination, and social class discrimination
  4. In Good Company– Age and Workplace issues; age discrimination
  5. Les Misérables- Social and economic issues; social discrimination

One comment on “Social Justice Films (SP 1)

  1. Blogging the Just City says:

    Another film in the racial discrimination / holocaust category that is excellent is called ‘Life is Beautiful’. It won a number of awards when it was released in 1997 and uses humor in an original way.

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